Highland Farms EASTER 2022 Flyer - 04/07-04/20/2022 (Page 7)

deli saya mini friulano sin sapato mini friulano mastro genoa salami regular or hot freshly sliced at the deli san daniele boneless prosciutto freshly sliced at the deli saputo mini friulano cheese koop rice ganda froid holland games santa ucia nation facts garada nutrition facts santa lucia mozzarella semi-soft cheese romage à páte semi molle 20%! 52% une humente ricotta soft white cheese fromage blanc a pate molle 10% 76% more santa lucia bocconcini at the deli castello havarti cheese freshly cut at the deli santa lucia fresh ricotta 500g or mozzarella cheese 340g பாலன் போன each kitchen ountr extra highland farms extra selain highland farms country kitchen flatbread assorted varieties imported from norway jarlsberg cheese regular freshly cut at the deli agropur l'extra brie or l'extra double cream brie at the deli agropur oka cheese classique regular or light freshly cut at the deli johnsonville natural bacon naturel castello stenly spice polserat lasagna cheddal castello tantiitin castello cocot men croquam aged havarti vielu johnsonville lasaona cheddar natural bacon naturel johnsonville fresh lasagna castello cheese gouda or cheddar selected varieties maple leaf bacon selected varieties johnsonville breakfast pork sausages selected varieties

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