Highland Farms Flyer - 05/28-06/03/2020

test fresh savings effective sign-up for your e-flyer today at highlandfarms.ca food tips & more! to find delicious recipes follow us highland farms start fresh foodland ontario eu virgin et virgin jus done eraicrης ja dole dag save more! save more! fresh ontario whole bone-in chicken breast green seedless grapes product of mexico galli gallo tropicana tropicana extra vingis olie hole in dis gallo extra virgin olive oil tropicana pure premium orange juice assorted varieties or nectarines product of u.s.a dempster's burger dempsters burs-pairs original hot dog pais allen's original sallent penca vasil stubavou moartigiai monlar aquafina demineralized water allen's apple juice 1.89l or astro yogurt 750g selected varieties dempster's original hot dog or hamburger buns

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