Highland Farms Flyer - 09/23-09/29/2021 (Page 3)

dairy groceries & frozen foods kitched kitchen sere on le broth country highland farms countr highland farms tomatoes ros setornational bertoll bertolli dhe organic biologiove split hot licy cutter butternut squash medallions frozen green giant canned vegetables emma tomatoes alfredo or vodka sauce erige bertolli olive oil 1l or organic extra virgin 750ml assorted varieties mccormick international sauce mix 30-56g or knorr broth 900ml selected varieties highland farms country kitchen artisan pasta product of italy assorted varieties highland farms country kitchen pasta sauce assorted varieties each each sahali casbah ure puma e.d.smith dole casbah blueberry peront oasis e.d.smith pear couscous apple dole fruit june ſetley le fruit salad couscous each betty crocker cake mix 4329 or frosting pure pumpkin rité sahale snacks jus de porte per line casbah couscous or rice assorted varieties pie filling assorted varieties dole fruit cups assorted varieties iced tea 960ml or fruité fruit selected varieties riviera pizza brioches organic natrel natrel natrel cannel biscuits raky rolls filletes country campos petits pour gold matum carmen peak teaithe simply flaky of 2% turnovers maison riviera coconut milk vegan delight simply orange chocolatey organic meadow chip grains natrel organic meadow milk homogenized 4l bag skim simply orange juice lemonade or gold peak iced tea pillsbury cookies 4689 selected varieties giuseppe tesits organic easy crukowa caullower pizza klondike "donuts croute chou-fleur towels mini daire biuseppe giuseppe sponge ultra cashmere tunnein pizzeria klondike rising crusi live ru fout hole send peter giuseppe pizza food for life sprouted grains bread english muffins or magnum mini or klondike ice cream novelties selected varieties ਕ cashmere bathroom tissue choose-a-size 6 rolls off each each regular retail highlandfarms.ca 13

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