Highland Farms Flyer - 06/02-06/08/2022 (Page 3)

crispy minis crispy minis crispy minis rice cakes quaker granola bars chewy or dipps selected varieties unico unico 100% pure grapeseed oil primo tomato ketchup m'lord primo ketchup m'lord quaker dipps balk m'lord products selected varieties and sizes car quaker chewy incolate ch unico promo ketchup 1⁹⁹ m'lord miniature corn com m'lord regular retail dairy groceries & frozen foods mix chocorat prats sealtest dawn fiji chocolate milk ez squeeze liberte kefir dawn dawn liberte kefir fiji powerwash no flip no mess 3.9⁹9⁹ dawn ultra dish liquid 982ml or platinum powerwash refill 473ml each each country st.maarten calamansi himalayan pink salt coarse sel rose de l'himalaya grossier were fiji natural spring water queen biscuits maria cookies gullón original maria biscuits lavazzi lavazza gran selezion classico lavazza specialty ground coffee 340g or selected varieties maria cookies conti keuric lavazza 12k-cup each holula 5.9⁹9⁹ cholula chipotil cholula hot sauce assorted varieties sealtest 1% chocolate milk 2l or liberté organic kéfir 1l selected varieties suango alphons mango fret deveras alphonso or aljuice premium juice assorted varieties beverage coffee enhancer white chocolate starbuck's coffee enhancers assorted varieties orphic endan italienne maison orphée vegan vinaigrette- marinade assorted varieties aljuice guava dated enhancer cinnamon coffee gluten free maison kaple donet erable 3.⁹9 maison highland farms country kitchen himalayan pink salt coarse or fine gal deep'n delicious mccain deep'n delicious cake selected varieties frozen the good baker giusep svant-chief giuseppe pizza thin crust kitchey highland farms himalayan sel rose fin de l'himalaya deep'n delicious deep'n delicious 3.⁹9 giuseppe pisseria deep'n delicious cpizzeria rising crust-leve-au-four

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