Highland Farms Flyer - 11/11-11/17/2021

fest check out what's fresh from our orchard! apple fresh savings effective sign-up for your e-flyer today at highlandfarms.ca follow us and get the latest deals & savings! highland farms startfresh picked fresh from our own highland farms orchards foodland ontario foodland ontario apple fest save more! save more! fresh ontario chicken breast boneless & skinless orchard apples red or golden delicious kitchen countre new crop highland farms gnocchi mastro mastro mastro letra vista eta viac gnocchi passata pressata drew stra virgo chata highland farms country kitchen passata 680ml or potato gnocchi 500g mastro extra virgin olive oil hartley walnuts product of u.s.a jumbo size tele source natrel source source lillo ellande premier poulich dutch oasis oasis natrel பாப்பா www old dutch bleach oasis premium orange juice 2.5l assorted varieties or natrel butter 454g salted or unsalted yoplait source 0% yogurt assorted varieties each

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