Home Hardware Flyer - 04/29-05/05/2021 (Page 5)

lawn & garden sale ofcmp save plantbest plantes mega mulch de peat coconut coir the cowhow earthcare expands up to 2.5 cu.ft expands up to apenter le volume save 5kg 4kg mega mulch was $9.99 beats peat natural coconut coir growing medium and soil improver home gandeer save mirade gro miracle gro shake'n feed plant fertilizer tomato or fruit & vegetables shake 'n feed was $17.49 grey woodgrain flatback rain barrel each save roundup great price scotts great price miracle gro miracle gro moisture control grass & weed control herbicide kills to the root delivers results in wand applicator weed b gon® max weed control moisture control potting mix premixed for indoor or outdoor containers scores potting mix terreau d'empotage roundup weed bgonmax help protect again weed contro herbicide was $39.99 save mskenzie great price gro4 save totalgreen pack of 40 los gro4 bee garden onion and garlic bulbs multiplier onions or mskenzie yellow onions oignons jaunes premium earthworm castings contains high organic matter and beneficial micro organisms earthworm casting turricules de vers de bee garden flower bulbs attracts bees butterflies and hummingbirds mixed bulbs des to help nature! was $10.49 roducto canada save patio save pickers patio pickers great price 48" crane lawn ornament plants not included plants not included was $62.99 was $46.99 raised garden planter durable resin with casters save fusl n save multi-function backhoe” save deco lite tempered stainless steel ashwood handle solar bollard path marker stake warm white led assorted colours mini medium large pack was $7.29 was $7.99 flickering pack creature comforts scotts save armstrong save perky save armstrong scores gazebo style bird feeder ultra blend bird feed wide variety of songbirds wild finch small songbird ultra blend ultra-mélange wild finch & songbird blend bird feed attracts a wide variety of small songbirds resealable bag more was $16.99 was $27.99 was $19.99

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