Home Hardware - Boxing Week 2019 Sale Flyer - 12/19-01/05/2020 (Page 9)

add a personalized message and send save 31% benchmark save steel ladder was $28.99 save 41% fibreglass step ladder devidoir des tape dispenser includes 2 rolls of sealing tape was $14.99 was $99.99 save 43% save 50% ve 40% save 31% epage torta gorilla cpage home builder kitchen and bath buck mom negra lepage gorilla tape egorilla duct tape bonds to things ordinary tapes was $6.99 polyfilla gorilla glue 100% waterproof temperature resistant strong bonding was $13.49 grace gori kitchen & bath silicone was $6.49 was $6.99 polyfilla prep ready mixed surface filler save 65% save 40% save 43% save 65% cd homebuilder home beauti-tone beauti tone home straight nylon paint brushes was $6.29 tic sh clear plastic sheet utility grade 10' x 25 was $6.99 was $6.99 roller cage and 2 lint-free rollers was $14.99 save 27% home-bond home-bond save 20% save 60% syringe epoxy adhesives instant adm home.bond epoxy for met epoxy pour met varsoe puntenne sta lethyl hydrate eans glass shes methy hydrate hydrate de methyle varsol paint thinner thins oil based brushes and rollers was $6.99 homehardware.ca

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