Independent EASTER 2022 Flyer - 04/14-04/20/2022 (Page 4)

optimum your independent grocer sale save at least 70c sale save $1.49 members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum™ members nor2 recipe recette onion oignon see back page for details lipton chicken noodle poulet et nouilles knorr or lipton dry soup selected varieties selected varieties member price non-member price members save save $3.98 save $2.37 ness planters ahoy jess $3.29 ea opiainao salted cashews the original vanilla häagen-dars häagen-dazs bar 3's or nestlé drumstick 4's selected varieties frozen christie cookies selected varieties oreo l'original vanilla save 48° sale save 80c planters cashews ອ less turkey clover leaf flaked white tuna com penne rigate clover leaf white tuna selected varieties member price pc pasta selected varieties non-member price clover leaf solid white tuna amazon wars members save sale save 510 save this week ristorante beraspinace campbelli gooடயேயா campbell clover leaf sockeye salmon wild red pacific auto videlowe campbell's broth 900 ml or concentrated broth 250 ml selected varieties legumes rapides die casa di mama pizza premium vegetables selected varieties frozen clover leaf sockeye salmon save 98 sale save 50€ pts spring souho pc natural spring water mott's garden cocktail or clamato juice selected varieties garden mott nestlé pure life water cocktail clamato that's like $10 in points for every $100* spent on any combination of happy teen gift cards happy him indigo am den nosta life the sale save $1.50 sale own hudsons bay cabelos save $1.50 happy teen indigo adee km twinings tropicana sal soccorso tropicana orange juice selected varieties cold twinings cold infused 12's or wellness tea 18's selected varieties 2mmit ea infuse flavoured cold water enhance tropicana how to play hiday thank you can trace the commen save this week save this week save $1.98 finish quantum ultimate boost cesar dog food selected varieties easter lily 6 inch cesar 39-48's or action pacs gain or downy fabric selected varieties ensure 6x235 ml glucerna 6x237 ml boost meal replacement drinks 6x237 ml oransure boost protein+ shake selected varieties ensure ensure gain yig e back pefc

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