Independent EASTER 2022 Flyer - 04/14-04/20/2022 (Page 5)

produce pc greenhouse strawberries canada no.1 grade or pineapple each product of costa rica bach clark strawberries fraises catarie vos ontario ontario opium axians dentais sweet potatoes product of ontario pc axiany 681 g or mixiany cherry product of ontario mexian ontario greenhouse tomatoes on the vine product of ontario bartlett pears product of argentina extra fancy grade or granny smith apples product of u.s.a extra fancy grade canada buy 2 get primum farmers market lemons delices citrons datarcho win farmer's market lemons product of or morocco vinaigrette farmer's market navel oranges product of spain or morroco farmers market doces du marché oranges renee's refrigerated salad dressing or vinaigrette selected varieties product of canada renées mediterranean greek caesar cesar mediterraneenne grecque large size salad prepared fresh in-store daily selected varieties pc blueberries product of u.s.a broccoli crowns or brussels sprouts product of u.s.a jumbo cantaloupes product of guatemala honduras or mexico each great to go from baguette sandwiches prepared in-store selected varieties hot or chilled bento sushi maki boat selected varieties in-store prepared meals selected varieties great to go items plus applicable taxes

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