Independent Flyer - 06/11-06/17/2020 (Page 3)

food lovers unite independent ours tendre et juteux your independent grocer pork loin centre cut chops or pork side ribs whole pc free from whole chicken air chilled gradu pc butter infused or young turkey butterball butterball frozen turkey whole chicken regular or stuffed sale all available sizes poulet entier butter-infused save $1 lb onfusé au becorre de protéines de the de jeune dindon ming urkey yree from simplement ron doned meat proten large jumbo colossal min cucumbers fresh steelhead trout fillets fremsside pc axiany cherrys tomatoes.or2 pc mini cucumber product of ontario sale save $5 lb jumbo cherries product of u.s.a ontario ench axians customs posed magnum read double caramel cream cheese flick dam bacon breyers cheddar creamery style optimum pc or free from naturally smoked bacon selected varieties slices black diamond slices or no name cream cheese breyers creamery style ice cream 1.66 l or magnum 3's selected varieties frozen activa activa tassimo maxwell nabob hamle syrut sirop d'erable belor tropicana pc 100% pure maple syrup canada grade a amber danone activia or natural leaf iced tea 1.75l selected varieties refrigerated or tassimo selected varieties catch day hawaiian tropic prise powerade neutrogena ubasheer catch dary harl hard gorod suga sucre visage prise jour sale sale multi save $2 save $2 jess than 2 $1.79 ea sale save up to high liner catch of the day fish fillets selected varieties frozen gatorade or powerade selected varieties lantic sugar selected varieties life sun care selected varieties and sizes

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