Independent Flyer - 11/21-11/27/2019

independent food lovers unite your independent grocer the sale for sale lovers sale save $10 lb whole beef tenderloin aa or usda select grade beef or higher you're going to love the deals all over the store november 21 - 27 pork back ribs or tenderloin cryovac pkg of 2 or split chicken sale save at least $1 lb sale save $1 lb chicken breasts bone-in skin-on tra farmer's market white or russet potatoes product of ontario canada no.1 grade fresh atlantic salmon fillets club size fast stality pc greenhouse strawberries product of ontarioraises ontario sale canada ontario farmerstar ideos save $3 tex mex lactantia ion" powerace ber black diamond marble - salted butter natural fresh churned butter selected varieties lactantia butter selected varieties or no name shredded cheese 320g selected varieties meat lasagna & hungry-ma delissio the great canadian gourmet west coast dark roast st come church thin crispy mineet croustillante pepperoni ors our flores onders pc roast and ground coffee selected varieties delissio thin crust or rustico pizza original cashmere sponge towels ultra coca-cola coca cola available in the great to go department coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks selected varieties cashmere bathroom tissue 12 double selected varieties not today flu en el 499 get your flu shot here get your flu shot here

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