Independent Flyer - 07/29-08/04/2021 (Page 4)

cindependent your independent grocer pe optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members original rose delphia grilling takse see back page for details philadelphia cream dips 227 g or selected varieties pts pc lobster tails skewers frozen 200 g or fresh msc pacific halibut steaks philadelphia origine dre that's like $2.50 in points for every $10* spent on hershey chocolate family bars very racer spor triste for acy post original - originale activia loddies hortons new stea post cereal selected varieties iogo or activia yogurt selected varieties hershey's timbits birthday cake reese's reese's pieces pretzels-bretzels jögo multi less than 2 $3.99 ea printer essed onnees pts hellmann's mayonnaise salad dressing 475 ml selected varieties hellmann's utos ruffles or lay's potato ounds tostitos tortilla chips rondes selected varieties suun real vraie bome that's like $10 in points for every $100* spent on any combination of happy her and wayspa gift cards happy her davidstea milestones indigo sportchek off 5th roots kernels hudsons bay enter as credit card - not gift card meat lan line tande otc nestlé drumstick selected varieties frozen california californienne wayspa com pc or blue menu meat or vegetable lasagna or mac & cheese entrées pc frozen vegetables club size selected varieties cones drumstice imtition for stay in ward ways reported with the light and vanilla full 38x10m da multi less than 2 $5.49 ea sidekicks norr chicken oth bouillon oulet fettuccine alfredo bouition no name pasta selected varieties nescafe richme nescafé or taster's choice nestre instant coffee taster's selected varietta choice no name brotheef selected varietiesut coca-cola canada dry on pepsi soft drinks selected varieties gula pepsi intense spaghettini dome coca cola royale ensure ensure mott amato mott's garden cocktail or clamato juice99 ocean spray 100% juice blend or cocktail ocean sprou selected varieties royale bathroom tissues towels paper towels 6 rolls or facial tissue 6's selected varieties royale ensure 6x235 mm glucerna 6x237 ml or boost 6x237 ml meal replacement drinks or boost protein+ shake pc 10 inch summer perennial planter selected vanteces each engine cranberry boost royale original yig e back

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