Independent - Holiday 2020 Flyer - 12/03-12/09/2020 (Page 4)

glen free sex eitravel oogioue independent food lovers unite your independent grocer conditions in-store for redemption restrictions this weekend faster december 4-6 fitbowls in tato optimum s.pellegrino liia that's like s8 in points for every $20* spent on stouffer's fit bowls gelato or non-dairy frozen dessert or 6x330 ml selected varieties exclusively at at esso and mobil stations during offer period esso mobil activa black diamond activia black diamond iögo country harvest wonder marble marbre mix & match or $3.49 ea d'italiano nierains iogo or cheestrings 16's selected varieties danactive or activia drinkable yogurt 8 x 93 ml ice cream chapmans neur com oatmea crisp anowiec cinnamon vanilla veled chex cannelle yun chapman's premium cooked cuites décorti kl cream french vanilla selected varieties chapman's premium ice cream or sorbet or frozen yogurt 2 l or super or yukon novelties becel original clover leaf sockeye salmon wild red pacific ecel avocado oil seras based ols gray ridge or burnbrae eggs medium selected varieties clover leaf sockeye salmon becel margarine selected varieties nut and candied carousels selected varieties unico michelinas poto cold macaroni and cheese macaroni au fromage bertolli bertoedd unico swanson யா tonge pasta sauce ari glide was pain terrus orange sale caietna save at least $1.19 thick & tasli 99€ carapelli oil 500 ml selected varieties selected varieties selected varieties spinach 300 g selected varieties frozen @peps folgers colombien supre pampers baby.dry tidy cup tim hortons multi ola sale huggies less than 2 $4.99 ea save $2 ightweight latt movers original blend melange original or folgers k-cups 30's selected varieties selected varieties tidy cats light weight cat litter selected varieties we reserve the right to in quantities to reasonable family requirements yig e back

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