Independent Flyer - 05/21-05/27/2020 (Page 3)

produce ontario multi less than 2 $1.69 ea english cucumbers product of ontario jumbo seedless watermelon each farmers market sidelces du marche mcintos farmers name todos farmers wat! dostarci ambrosia peaches pêches multi ontario less than 2 $2.29 ea farmer's market apples selected varieties avocado product of mexico farmer's market nectarines 2l or peaches 3l wonderf dale french beans chopichop harcos wonderful iky chopichop money road muta chipotle scheddar sweet con sesame ginger sesame gingembre pistachios stachios multi less than 2 $8.99 ea ontario or pc french green beans or guatemala or farmer's market sweet corn 4's product of u.s.a pom shelled pistachios selected varieties product of u.s.a greenhouse beefsteak tomatoes product of ontario dole chop chop salad product of u.s.a great to go ziges creamy green creaseuse ziggys macaroni merala ziggy's salan amal aron creami gun coleman salades se mere ziggy's magacini salade salad crispy chicken sandwich combo with small fries or wedges bento sushi maki boat selected varieties ziggy's salads selected varieties the del canada extra old balderson cheese selected varieties balderson dairy farmers extra-fort or pc halloom semi soft halloom sotto prepared nicarada prepare au cavoa salon galeria fois lantades snack factory cacken breast strips lns de poitrine de poble snack factory fetzel crise pretzel crisps bestyle bank pipoll sette piller's kolbassa sausage saucisson from pc natural choice deli meat strips selected varieties piller's kolbassa selected varieties snack factory pretzel crisps selected varieties great to go items plus applicable taxes

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