Independent Flyer - 05/13-05/19/2021 (Page 2)

your independent grocer cindependent optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members janes pub style wings see back page for details gourmet west coast dark ronse janes daviditea pc gourmet roast and ground coffee davidstea 15's selected varieties multi less than 2 $4.99 ea janes pub style chicken wings pub style selected varieties wings frozen buffalo multi less than 2 $3.49 ea member price non-member prioo was cracker barrel stices tranches lays clover leaf laked light tuna skipack in water ketchup lays cracker barrel cracker barrel suces teacher natural cheese slices selected varieties marele mere clover lay's potato chips selected varieties classic classique leaf solid light tuna pure live on multi clover leaf light tuna selected varieties less than 2 $2.49 ea heinz spring source einz eans heinz beans or pasta original selected varieties member price non-member price pc natural spring water tema nestlé pure life ng source of net6 pure life water cheddar havarti multi less than 2 $3.49 ea yana sauce oth butter darachi weux no name peanut butter twice the trut" blue menu twice the fruit spread 500 ml selected varieties oryginal bull's-eye bbq sauce or gourmet sauce selected varieties bulis-eye original pc cheese slices selected varieties multi member price non-member price nabob mott motts maxwell house or nabob pods selected varieties mott's garden cocktail or clamato juice selected varieties maxwell house clamato clamato ins bento sushi california family pack selected varieities stra the ol beneful oreo originals lorigin were christie oreo or chips ahoy! cookies selected varieties friskies cat food selected varieties poruka friskies chips! ahoy load to get extra this weekend may 13 - 16 original origina vlitre cascade qatores pampers or huggies club size plus diapers selected varieties size 1-6 pampers don pediatrician cascade 39-60's finish 40-55's dish detergent selected varieties exclusively at esso mobil wwador yig e back

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