Independent Flyer - 03/26-04/01/2020 (Page 3)

produce extra fancy grade or bartlett pears product of argentina extra fancy grade asparagus product of mexico ontario sweet karoline blackberries greenhouse beefsteak tomatoes product of ontario canada multi less than 2 $3.99 ea mixed little gems assorties eus yellow mini potatoes product but pc extra large red seedless grapes or sweet extra large green vseedless grapes raisins rouges sang product of south africa no.1 grade celebration red seebless grapes soeta rouges its vil fellesrutebilehele barbie ret sealot valents strokova son gros coeurs de lantur kent wandomande andy boy bart werts unnet மலயாக போன multi romaine hearts mexico 3's pc organics limes 1 lb mexico or pc organics lemons 2 lb organic oranges 2 lb product of u.s.a pc kent mango product of peru green beans product of u.s.a or mexico farmerstar delices marché to baby-cut miniatures kingday wonder toilet mnomers mk conce mini cucumbers 15's product of ontario celery stalks each nuisa comento farmer's market mini carrots bonduelle feliculare broccoli slaw salade de brocou prater opelare kale slaw salade de chou frise optimum multi floral shop less than 2 $3.89 ea bonduelle single serve salads kits with protein or taylor farms snack selected varieties cauliflower slaw product of u.s.a new premium salads selected varieties and in-store daily large 5 stem or mini 10 stem gerberas assorted colours bunch

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