Independent Flyer - 11/11-11/17/2021 (Page 2)

your independent grocer pe optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members peppercorn see back page for details nicht poivre bruins no name margarine plant based butter selected varieties butter alternative salted pc old fashioned style regular or peppercorn bacon plant bacon member price non-member price sale save 20 € yopia $2.69 ea tubes son poterit yoplait source tubes 8x56 g oras hoadotd sugar sans sucre ajoute no name flaked or chunk light tuna selected varleties source new thank light tuna tropie en morceau selected varieties agen-dazs member price non-member price hellmann's in gravy desenteret hellmann's mayonnaise salad dressing 475 ml selected varieties entree real vraie ayon häagen-dazs or bars 3's selected varieties frozen häagen-dars fancy feast hellmann's petites grl house gingen vanilla ée de poisson blanc en sauce nature valley crunchy gora sanola gats money fancy feast petites selected varieties pc belgian chocolate biscuit collection buy 2 get nature valley crunchy nature valley fruitsations or betty crunchy crocker fruit snacks selected varieties pts belgian chocolate chocolat ogle rare butten sale save $2.50 that's like $2 in points on farmer's market cookies selected varieties 12's or mini chocolate orisina! mastro extra virgin olive oil mastro extra virgin cashmere bathroom tissue 12 double rolls spongetowels paper towels 6-rolls- scotties facial tissue s's selected varieties cashmere children's charity purchase of farmer's market cookies to president's choice children's charity to help fight childhood hunger stavili towels ultra tide coca-cola mini bottles selected varieties get 1 free pringles potato chips selected varieties pods pampers tide laundry selected varieties baby-dry pampers club size plus diapers selected varieties size 0-6 cos מווווול pringles pringles pelatan soft tide coca cola pampers mini swaddiers mer yig e back pefc

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