Independent - Black Friday 2020 Flyer - 11/26-12/02/2020 (Page 3)

food lovers unite independent your independent grocer bone-in striploin roast cut from canada aa or usda select grade beef or higher sale save $5 lb optimum members only offers norme son nom shredded nacho cheese blonde melange de trop nacho ocent de ono wed marble tarmer's these tromage farmer's marbré 2swiss mosturomote pork back ribs or tenderloin simple pc chicken drumsticks pack or thighs 6 pack bone-in or pc blue menu chicken breast fillets no name cheese bars 400 g or selected varieties scarlotta seedless member price non-member price pcp extra large green or red seedless grapes product of u.s.a full week fresh rainbow trout fillets fresh seafood rests autumncrisp dove dove tbc sondition pe sense seuraa srp dpperrace raw chevettes resores crues decorticare low yoplait source liberté greek selected varieties and sizes excludes advanced care pc gigantico black tiger shrimp selected varieties member price non-member price quality street extra virgin extra vieroe pc splendido cold pressed extra virgin olive oil quality street tin chocolates tide downy barc coral great canadian maple costa rica cashmere tide or gain laundry detergent beads 422 g selected varieties optimum selected varieties cashmere bathroom tissue selected varieties momber prico non-member price

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