Independent - Holiday 2020 Flyer - 12/17-12/26/2020 (Page 3)

independent see in-store or visit for holiday store hours your independent grocer optimum members only offer december 17 - 26 pc gigantico black tiger shrimp ring with sauce 568 g or aquastar king crab legs 500 g frozen whole beef tenderloin out from canada aa or usda select grade beef orahigher cryovac pkg aqua sao canada sale save at least $1 lb king crab crabe royal swasta pc blue menu* chicken breasts or pc chicken thighs boneless sufra halal chicken breasts member price non-member price canada farmers market dostarch russet chiar product of unoapsoduit du cara blueberries product of of peru argentina or chile farmer's market russet potatoes product of canada canada no.1 grade plc canadian cracker barrel tex mex wild blueberries bleuets sauvages canadiens arole marbre barrel cracker breyers creamery style french vanilla cracker barrel cheese bars adult strings 12's or black diamond cheestrings 16's selected varieties breyers creamery style ice cream or confectionery frozen dessert selected varieties frozen mccain hashbrowns rissolées peos! scotties olun original "cola cashmere cutaal coca cola pois coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks selected varieties mccain fries or hashbrowns 900 g or selected varieties frozen cashmere bathroom tissue 12 double rolls or scotties facial tissue 6's selected varieties

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