Independent Flyer - 06/09-06/15/2022 (Page 9)

butcher 6.⁹9⁹ beef burgers selected varieties made in store 11⁹⁹ marinated beef kebabs selected varieties 5.⁹⁹ no name bacon regular or reduced salt seafood 12⁹⁹ youts chain coconut shrimp crevettes amer pc shrimp appetizers selected varieties frozen palet's choin &chua rude butterflied shrimp hd wa crevettes in papillon bakery mini braided strudel or maple pecan danish selected varieties 4's vachon snack cake panaji naan 4's selected varieties assler wag suomes panaji pc free from extra lean extralean ground chicken ground chicken butcher's choice sausage selected varieties 16.⁹9 swiss chalet bbq pork back ribs www selected fully ties pork back stes des de porc tatz 10 min called porn back e-spor swiss chalet 11.⁹9⁹ fresh rainbow trout fillets scheme multan 54⁹ ace artisan rolls selected varieties pkg of 8-12's mix & match or $3.79 ea lasse sourdough the mix and match deal is only applicable for english muffins & tortilla wraps from the following harvest and d'italiano trockey scorporen fresh seafood items subject to availability d'italiano ace cabatia piccola wonder anc 5.⁹9⁹ flattened half chicken marinated or seasoned in-store chicken legs back attached family size $7.99 ea pc hors d'oeuvres selected varieties frozen 14.⁹⁹ pinifer's choice pc garlic & herb seafood bake frozen darlin herp seafood bake casserole fruits mer alfinon lates bente optimum members get it non-member price see back page for details member price members save pets cham schua rubie indian wom indiens plain croissants baked in-store 6's

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