Independent Flyer - 07/16-07/22/2020 (Page 3)

food lovers unite independent your independent grocer top sirloin premium oven roast or canada aa or usda select grade beefor higher our service counters are now open and we're happy to help boneless pork half loin rib and sirloin portion cryovac pkg optimum members only offers july 16 - 22 sale save $2.90 lb chicken breasts or thighs family size fresh atlantic salmon fillets club size fresh seafood items sutyject to avadability delices e marche farmer's market russet potatoes product of canada canada no.1 grade farmers markets delces du marché russet farmer's market navel.oranges product of spain canada pornings de fcauda produit du cavoa oranges member prico non-member price fried chicken hot or chilled available in the great to go department jöf tassimo logo jogo maxwell house nabob one simply orange gold peak iced tea 2.63 l or iogo yogurt selected varieties member price non-member price beras nestie hunt's thick&rich unico paghetti drumstica patro delissio singles individuelles original delissio vanilla caramel cream first pepperoni sale thin crispy mince croustillante preparoni save 50€ hunt's thick & rich or tomato sauce selected varieties 99€ pc cream first" ice cream or nestlé confectionery frozen dessert 1.5l bars 4-10 or nestlé drumstick 4's selected varieties frozen delissio thin crispy crust pizza selected varieties frozen set rio hellmann's scotties diogene original cashmere cranberry mare sold light tuna olive thon pale entier dans l'huile d'olive real vraie motts mayonnaire clamato org mott's clamato or ocean spray cocktail selected varieties selected varieties cashmere bathroom tissue 12 double rolls or scotties facial tissue 6's selected varieties

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