Kent Flyer - 03/11-03/17/2021 (Page 4)

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flooring for less special special buy buy sq ft 5mm hydrogen 5 nickel stone core vinyl flooring sq ft 5mm hydrogen 5 olive stone core vinyl flooring save save save over 10% sq ft sq ft 5.5mm dubai bathsheba stone core plank flooring 5.3mm mountain range sundance stone core 5.3mm volcano little bear engineered stone core new new sq ft 2.5mm hydrogen5 cashmere peel & stick vinyl flooring 2.5mm hydrogen5 everest peel & stick vinyl flooring get bonus miles when you have your flooring project supplied & installed by kent save over 15% save over 15% save over 15% sq ft 12mm toros grey laminate flooring 12.3mm everest poplar laminate flooring 12.3mm everest coppermine laminate flooring great price daltile save daltile new lower price daltile sq ft 12" x 24" costar calacatta empire glazed sq ft 12" x 24" matte grey urbanize porcelain tile 12" x 24" silver springs polished tile flooring mape plus self-leveling underlayment sous-finition autolissante king canada contrapiso autonivelante save cement-based underlayment and repair mix for interior item selection may vary by store see in-store to order

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