Loblaws Flyer - 03/12-03/18/2020 (Page 5)

produce ontario farmer's mark deos sweet corn mais sucre bdélices du marche sored delicious greenhouse beefsteak product of ontario canada no.1 grade farmer's market tray corn 4's 2.99 ea product of u.s.a no.1 grade farmer's market apples selected varieties product of ontario canada no.1 grade farmer's marketika sdélces du marché mcintosh al yellow onons non oignons jaunes piles pommes tar dosario ontario multi less than 2 $2.99 ea is délices du marché carrots driscoll's raspberries or sweet karoline blackberries farmer's market carrots or onions product of ontario 31b bag carottes tumbo romaine vois gros coeurs delaruerd siasto linkeet letra sweet parc andyboy pc extra large red or green seedless grapes product of south africa romaine hearts 3's or colossal cantaloupe honduras or costa rica sorbet casen stellscrames prode predu desu naturr ect dat warmers marko sdruces marche oranges multi farmers market grape tomatoes no name naturally imperfect or organic grape product of mexico less than 3 $1.99 ea avocado 6's product of mexico or mini seedless watermelon each product of guatemala honduras or mexico farmer's market" navel spain or grapefruit product of turkey ataulfo mangos product of mexico pat clari golla superfood selections eaty smart olsen cao fingerling sweet kale chou frise doux golden little gems dorées green beans haricots verts canada multi less than 2 $3.99 ea or mixed mini potatoes or pc golden fingerling potatoes green beans derisa armonico de ous modeling eat smart sweet kale salad kit product of u.s.a zey smanns family favorites spa baby spinach jeunes epinards hus optimum floral shop pc mixed salad greens product of u.s.a selected varieties mann's snap peas mexico small vegetable platter in-store daily calla lily in upgraded ceramic pot assorted

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