Loblaws Flyer - 06/02-06/08/2022 (Page 4)

canada sale save at least $3 lb wings tips removed club pack® or split breasts bone-in air chilled sale save $1 lb 29⁹ pork side ribs whole selected varieties ree from implement bon chicken poulet punes de pa epsi "loblaws lean ground beef sale save at least $1 lb optinum 19⁹ save this week 12.⁹9 menu rainbow trout truite arc-en-ciel bode chane echua que smoked wild sockeye salmon saumon sockeye sauvage fome pc smoked salmon selected varieties or pc blue menu salmon or rainbow trout fillets frozen save this week sale save $1 optimum 3.⁹⁹ tropicana tropicana orange juice 2.63 l or activia yogurt 12's selected varieties or magnum 3's selected varieties frozen activia save 98€ sale save 50€ $5.99 ea or pepsi soft drinks selected varietiesca cola coca-cola soft drinks aha sparkling water extra large red or green seedless grapes product of mexico or south africa sale save $2.50 farmer's market™ sweet corn product of u.s.a 4's double caramel semi12 häagen-dars vanilla optimum coca-cola sale save at least $1.50 29⁹9⁹ or casa di mama pizza selected varieties frozen package oroetker casa mama pepperoni sale save at least $1 royale bathroom tissue 12 double rolls tiger towel paper towels 6 rolls or facial tissue 6's selected varieties royale velour oroedur selected varieties coca-cola aha like watermelon want more deals? our full flyer lives online scan to see our complete digital flyer excludes loblaws 500 lake shore boulevard west ristorante pizza spinale royale tiger royale original staven

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