Loblaws - Lunar New Year Flyer - 01/28-02/17/2021

loblaws zehrs independent your independent grocer discover lunar new year with over 4,000 years of history begin your discovery with festivities run from february 4 - 26 february 4 - 11 little year this year preparations for the new activities include house cleaning the stove god and reunite with family on new years - the most important day of the year wheat cakes and a feast of everyone's favourites are served on the big night! february 12-22 spring festival each day during this time period has a specific "theme" food - leftovers from new years eve are always a big hit! february 23 - 26 lantern festival and the lantern festival is held on feb 26 activities - creating lanterns is an important activity during moon-gazing! food - named after the glutinous rice balls often eaten as dessert anchor's bay grade a duck frozen anchor's bay seafood medley frozen seafood mix produits de la mer hed frozen sarder concele godine pork belly portions pork split side rib portion fresh cryovac ontario dragonfruit product of vietnam each fuji apples product of ontario farmer's market butter croissants selected varieties butter croissants

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