Loblaws Flyer - 06/09-06/15/2022 (Page 14)

summer sippers low in calories with real feat aces 5⁹9 $4.99 ea sanpellegrino helen spong ene tor momenti pc soft drinks selected varieties sanpellegrino momenti or naturali sparkling water selected varieties 3.9⁹⁹ $5.99 ea aha sparkling water selected varieties eska spring water lime watermelon ho sweetemers no calor aha mars $2.49 ea heineken 0.0% bottles or cans selected varieties coca-cola soft drinks selected varieties heine! sans ale ausrat inek heinek with the for your pet 26⁹⁹ iams dog food selected varieties 5.9⁹9⁹ whiskas temptations cat treats selected varieties alpo dog food ginger ale cola aha mega pack super mega format temptations proactive health minichunks & purina alpo cookout classics grillades classiques perifert's choice & $2.79 ea friskies party mix cat treats selected varieties coca-col 9.⁹9 milk-bone soft & chewy or pup-peroni dog treats selected varieties 10.⁹9 dentastix dog treats selected varieties coca-cola friskies party mix bri whilsan whitefich son blanc milk-bone eska 6.9⁹⁹9 perrier slim cans sparkling water selected varieties stopad insa slim can lime jumbo sanpellegrino naturali ana shine limonata pup peroni flas terrier crvenited nation pne perrier dentastix original 9.9⁹ beggin' strips dog treats selected varieties 13.⁹9 kibbles'n bits dog food strips budweiser zero full-flavoured zero alcohol brew fruit₂0 selected varieties $3.29 ea pepsi mini cans selected varieties original savoury chicken flavour te amatin tranch spam real mad with bacon kibbles bits optimum strawberry iams cat food selected varieties ав cord budweiser zero™ pall-plnoured zemo alcohol sparkling sparkling lime twists para mini mini mini friskies cat food selected varieties asic proactive health healthy adult 7x the you rrugor 4.⁹9 milk-bone dipped biscuits 340 g or farmers medley selected varieties purina friskies farmer's medley limited ingrcolents hombre leite dergent milk-bone dipped

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