Loblaws Flyer - 05/27-06/02/2021 (Page 5)

produce more of the food you love online extra large red seedless grapes product of south attoa chile or mexico no.1 grade jumbo seedless watermelon product of each stay up to date on the latest deals at or sign up for our weekly email multi less than 3 $1.99 ea buy 3 get pos bosc pears product of south africa or d'anjou pears product of u.s.a extra fancy grade farmer's market sweet corn 4's product of u.s.a french green product of mexico avocados product of mexico multi less than 2 $5.99 ea ontario pc axiany or mixiany tomatoes product of ontario midan farmer's market peaches 3 l or nectarines 2l product of u.s.a watermelon wedges prepared fresh in-store daily encon cesar con et cesar pc loads of garlic salad kit 319 g or chopped salad kits selected varieties product of u.s.a loads of caruc caesar plein de salam axians pacs great to go arbecue பாலை மகாசகாகா gremi eleta pe optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members summer fresh salads selected varieties and her pc rotisserie chicken fully cooked selected varieties see back page for details barber hom polstentes barbecue samor free thal salad pad member prico non-member price the deli castello tickler brandt kolbassa selected varieties arla dofino havarti or castello cheddar or blue cheese havarti jalapero brana bento sushi california rolls selected varieties kolbassa sausage saucisson kolbassa member price non-member price sara parleuch chicken breast strips tantes laneres de poitane de poilet classic sabra sobra pc white cheddar canadian white cheddar cheese fromade blanc canadien pc natural choice strips selected varieties satora sabra hummus selected varieties great to go items plus applicable taxes

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