Loblaws Flyer - 06/10-06/16/2021 (Page 9)

pts pts that's like $5 in points that's like $5 in points for every $20* spent on palmolive dish soap 591 ml-5 lor fleecy liquid 1.3-3.5 l or selected varieties for every $15* spent on dish soap 532 ml or dish soap method fleecy palmolive method ultra strength pts buy 2 get pts water se pruite natural flavou that's like $3 in points that's like $1 in points nestle fruit drop or nestlé drumstick 4's for every $10* spent on oasis nutrisource juice 1.36 l or del monte prune 945 ml coals rougement selected varieties frozen less than 2$5.99 ea mellow doux anilla häagen-darsamel strawberry raspberry selected varieties vanilla buy 2 get buy 2 get pts pts cheemo و هام perogies voltayo a chur chase that's like $1 in points that's like $1 in points fish sticks crosby dreaded on high liner breaded or selected varieties frozen on cheemo perogies selected varieties frozen cheemo ede moje perogies pan sear wild caught sole mom teacher lacoste buy 2 get buy 5 get pts that's like $2 in points delissio that's like 70c in points on pc white cheddar or pet obra geleed deluxe cheddar on delissio stuffed crust or crispy pan pizza selected varieties frozen pcie deluxe mac and cheese selected varieties less than 5$1 ea white cheddar cheddar blanc cheddar de luxe pepperoni delissio crispy pan croustillante buy 2 get buy 4 get pts pts that's like $1 in points that's like $2 in points naty original - originale eggo eggo on kellogg's eggo waffles pancakes or minis selected varieties frozen on heinz by nature baby food pouches selected varieties nature wwwy blueberry bleuets heinz "nature en biologique banana bananes now ol optimum insiders subscription the members event pc optimum insiders subscription

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