Loblaws Flyer - 01/21-01/27/2021 (Page 4)

look for items all over the store green onions product of mexico bunch avocadoes product of mexico each baguette white or whole wheat baked in-store baner campbells campbells | neste mushroom - champignon crispycrunch susi sourced cose aer 100% durable mushroom champignons neilson milkshakes or m2go selected varieties nestlé single chocolate bars selected varieties chicken noodle or vegetable soup pringles potato chips selected varieties product of u.s.a chobani plain or vanilla oat beverage 946 ml or simply selected varieties coleslaw salade de chou garden salad salade jardiniere chobani oat plain nature pringles pringles sour original simplyprotein lonel osos brunswick gece sardine fillets filets de sardines odoras de colden smoked fumes dores brunswiche becel original ||mperial seafood snacks bouchées de la mer plant based oils riprato per mon hydrogenated - non hydrogénet brunswick fillets selected varieties imperial 907 g or becel 454 g margarine selected varieties pc organics mini carrots product of u.s.a no name cookies selected varieties pc rye bread loaf selected varieties organics biologique chocolate cocktay ses baby-cut carrots carottes coupes style miniaturo noot chocolat good chocolate à l'européenne light rye seigle leger productofusa prou dese ba woh multigrain nature valley sweet & salty fer of sugar hardbite oranola bars dark chocolate nut miroinente biuseppe smuckers pizzeria smart sweets drop'n mad beets sweet fight nouveau getz no sugar added spread nature valley sweet & salty 6's selected varieties selected varieties frozen selected varieties

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