Loblaws Flyer - 04/29-05/05/2021 (Page 4)

butcher ontario striploin premium oven roast or grilling steak certifed ontario aa grade geef yorkshire organic chicken breasts or thighs boneless skinless ominic pc free from pork loin combination chops size poulet multi less than 2 $5.99 ea ebon whole beef brisket cryovac pkg cut from canada aa or usda select grade beef or higher pc free from sausage selected varieties nomaleenthony pc world of flavours buffalo split chicken wings or jerk whole flattened chicken multi less than 2 $5.49 ea buy 2 get pts paleta chance lec pelut maple leaf top dogs or schneiders red hots wiener selected varieties simple mary schneiders redhots ised thout ibiotics prime maple leaf prime stuffed chicken or chicken breaded chicken selected varieties strips frozen antibiotics prime pc bbq pork back ribs fully-cooked or stuffed chicken shepherd's pie breasts frozen páté chinois selected varieties 900g all utro real tout vead simple top dogs original smokiny stampede нам mozzarella fume cpc fresh seafood items subject to availability seafood from fresh atlantic salmon fillets club size fresh msc icelandic cod or pc organics large peeled 31-40 per lb & bologique raw crues seal quest solo source wild haddock fillets filets d'aigletin sauvage optimum baked in-store bakery members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members see back page for details donuts assorted varieties 6's plain croissants 6's member price non-member price mix & match or $3.49 ea country harvest vachon snack cakes dinner rolls 10's selected varieties naan brods the mix and match deal is only applicable for english muffins & tortilla wraps from and casa mendosa d'italiano naan sentier வியா sed wonder pc naan rounds traditional or whole wheat original ali

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