Loblaws Flyer - 09/29-10/05/2022 (Page 4)

6.4⁹ selected varieties hot price silk non-dairy refrigerated beverage selected varieties save 98 $2.99 ea doritos or cheetos selected varieties save this week ຊອອ thin and crispy" loads of or flat bread pizza selected varieties frozen save this week optimum 5.⁹9 liberté greek yoplait source yogurt 16's selected varieties $2.79 ea coca-cola or canada dry soft drinks selected varieties save $1.08 selected varieties sale save at least $1.30 dow tide or gain detergent downy fabric softener downy or gain sheets doritos save this week silk 8⁹9 silk almond oat crocom wakin stelse schwalbe &des tode peppexon thin & crispy mince et croustillante caramelare flatbread pain plat source tach optimum source tide cheetos croquant liberte greek coca-cola coca-cola loblaws save $1.98 $7.99 ea oors pc hors d'oeuvres mozzarella selected varieties bouchero frozen starbucks ground or whole bean coffee cold brew 946 ml or selected varieties hot price pasta or unico pasta sauce selected varieties sale save at least 50c pc kettle chips no name® party mix selected varieties sale save 50€ ontario save 58 $2.29 ea 6⁹8 pc 9.5 inch outdoor fall mums selected varieties kraft peanut butter selected varieties pc pasta 454 g or stove top selected varieties pit cha gc de optinum penne rigate barilla heuric original party mix mélange de fête original kraft smooth crémeux to rannscha schus best penne rigat pike place unico pasta sauce thick & tasti kettle cooked sex salt & malt vinegar de meret se de mal cuites a la marmite hazelnu tolette stove turmaydinde pc gift bouquet from $25 optimum members get it see back page for details for every $12* spent on renee's refrigerated salad dressing or vinaigrette or renee's selected varieties product of canada renées caesar cesar that's like in points children's charity from september 30 power what if buying gas fuelled your points? to learn more about the charity visit pcchildrenscharity.ca "plus opplicable taxes chili doux only esso™ and mobil" gas earns you pc optimum points chel par esso mobil + optimum buy a limited-edition tote for $2* to help feed one million kids and 100% of sales will be donated to pts help feed one million kids get 1 50% off loblawson lsl back loblawson pefc