Longo's Flyer - 05/28-06/10/2020 (Page 3)

savings your family will love congo sweet ontario mousse sweet schweppes pepsi gin! pepsi carbonated beverages selected varieties pepsi save $1.30 taste ontario organic seriously oniales seriously omatoes de tomaten longo's grape tomatoes product of ontario for 255g pkg longo's original saucissed turkey sausages 375g pkg save $1 rold ms vickie's potato chips sunchips or rold gold pretzels individual $3.99 oreinar minces selected varieties ricette originale for paclantic nature clean liquid lactantia dish detergent lactose 740ml bottle or lactantia organic or lactose free milk laundry odor remover 1.5l bottle or 2 carton solected varieties selected varieties garle turkey salsa pacific white shrimp ring longo's frozen pacific white cooked shrimp ring 425g pkg jumbo save $3 sum chips new toppits oka classique atbille salmon toppits frozen atlantic salmon portions oka classique cheese save $3 etcross family favourites clean stine tide liquid laundry detergent or tide pods selected varieties tide bombs tide poos 9.2 save up to $1.60 save up to $2 save $1

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