Longo's Flyer - 06/23-07/06/2022 (Page 20)

icio vi royale facial tissues selected varieties proud canadian company 6⁹⁹ save up to $5.50 welcome back summer! lactantia cream il carton or lactantia whipping cream 473ml carton selected varieties save 50¢ combo cracker barrel combo cracker barrel natural cheese snacks or combo selected varieties save $1.50 emballage-papier royale royale tiger original lactantia creme a cafe lactantia creme a fouetter cracker barrel shacks gooters cracker barrel fresh fruits & vegetables ✓ royale cracker barrei royale tiger royale royale original velour purr-oudly canadian beatrice chocolate milk beatrice 750ml carton olympic organic olympic organic yogourt 650g tub selected varieties save $1 beatrice olympic organic fresh meat & seafood campbell's broth individual $2.29 selected varieties campbells chicken with rice thank you poulet avec riz 19⁹ save up to $1.30 10% of medium square containers longo's reusable bag black or red selected varieties campbell's cooking or condensed soup 284ml can campbells beef boeuf earn 25 points longo's essentials food wrap selected varieties 10% off campbells chicken bowl poulet longo's essentials food storage containers the highest standards are family standards campbells chicken broth longes plastic food wrap campbells cheddar goldfish cheddar real pepperidge farm goldfish crackers individual $2.99 selected varieties original dairy & eggs goldfish original source of this lunch bag is no let down longo's longo's value lunch bag blue or red

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