Longo's Flyer - 06/23-07/06/2022 (Page 21)

shop all aisles ✓ delissio rising leve- pepperoni 5.9⁹⁹ save up to $2 delissio rising crust pizzeria or garlic bread pizza selected varieties fiji natural spring water 1l bottle lean cuisine minceur stouffer's diner classics classiques des stouffers 2⁹⁹ save up to $1.50 fiji natural spring water 1.5l bottle 2⁹9⁹ save up to 80¢ nestle stouffer's or lean cuisine entrées selected varieties 24⁹ save up to $1 mest lasagn lasagne à la viande fiji fiji fresh fruits & vegetables ✓ nescafe gold espresso nescafé or taster's choice coffee selected varieties 5⁹9⁹ save up to $3 smarties 3.⁹⁹ save up to $1.50 nestlé 4 pack chocolate bars or pouches selected varieties nescafe minis fiji and while haussard 54⁹ save up to $1.50 fiji natural spring water 6x500ml bottles fiji water fresh meat & seafood nando's peri-peri hot sauce 250ml bottle or nando's perinaisse 450ml bottle selected varieties 5⁹⁹ save up to $1 tonnino light tuna fillets 190g jar selected varieties 5.⁹⁹ save $1 coca-cola beverages 2l bottle individual $1.99 selected varieties nando's perinaise franing tonning ikht tuna hilets spring water lets de thon pal netau de source 3fc for $5 4.⁹9 save up to $2 coca-cola ана saha nandos peri-peri coca-cola omegranate aha aha sparkling beverages selected varieties little bellies organic baby snacks selected varieties save up to 50¢ truffet baby bellies anneaux de mais do choco bellie doux glaceau vitamin water 591ml bottle individual $1.99 selected varieties core power high protein milk shake 414ml bottle selected varieties 3.⁹⁹ save up to 80¢ unazial et de pa 2⁹⁹ save up to $1 bellies vitaminwater c.c bellies softcorn as moelleux wernli cookies selected varieties et can cinnamon wernli etus corporation dairy & eggs coca-cola core power vitamin water wernli yerilla farlife core power

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