Longo's Flyer - 06/03-06/09/2021 (Page 17)

chapman's nous pre nace lolly olongad chocolate ice cream troopwafel sandwiches andwichs a la crime glace avec stroopwafels chocolat longo vanilla ice crestroopwafer sandwiches andwiches are glace avec troopwafels vanille cool whip cozhip ice cream conul bliss fruity cool whip som longo's stroopwafel sandwiches 4x140ml pkg coconut bliss non-dairy frozen dessert 473ml pkg selected varieties selected varieties kraft cool whip il tub or 255g canister selected varieties save at least 50¢ save $1.20 save $1 save $1 bbq hidden valley royal heinz beans maple heinz beans & prote original stle birch | cutlery iner plates hidden valley ranch hidden valley ranch salad dressing 473ml bottle individual $3.49 selected varieties frank's red hot sauce 354ml bottle selected varieties frank redhoi converts bouleau kraft heinz beans 398ml can individual $169 selected varieties rgs for green lid birch cutlery 150ct or royal chinet dinner plates save up to $4 for save 50¢ pet needs theats for 2000 life cesar iamses numan qrade org perfect portions ries cooki pal liver bites whisk temptations whilskas natures otp crave temptations eos whiskas wet cat food or lams wet cat food individual $1.09 selected varieties chewmaster duck jerky or liver bites cookie pal dog biscuits 300g bag selected varieties save up to $3 cesar wet dog food or nature's recipe wet dog food beyond or crave wet cat food 75-85g tray selected varieties save up to 60€ for whiskas temptations 454g tub selected varieties save up to $1

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