Longo's Flyer - 05/19-06/01/2022 (Page 16)

shop all aisles fresh fruits & vegetables pantry dairy & eggs less sugar oasis hydra dare fruit oldus organic fruit fusion whippet black forest real chocolate tide frankos tide red hot red hot frank's frank's red hot sauce or thick sauce 354ml bottle selected varieties natural flavours oasis tetras 8x200ml pkg or dare bear paws or whippet selected varieties pods 4.1 downy bear paws chocolate chip thank you no artificial colours or flavours tide liquid laundry detergent selected varieties save up to $6 points save up to $1.50 new nutella olympic krema stactant lactos aha olympic organic or krema yogourt 650g tub or black diamond cheddar style slices 410g pkg or cheese combo snacks 3x43g pkg selected varieties lactantia organic lactose free or ultrapür milk 1.5-2l bottle or carton selected varieties practantia poate organic biologique cate nutella b-ready 132g pkg selected varieties save up to $1 aha sparkling water selected varieties save up to $2 slices save up to $2.50 save up to $2 rice krispies lays poppab health break original cream cheese fromage a la creme philadelphia lays kellogg's nutribar special k crisps rice krispies squares or cheez-it crackers selected varieties cheezit lay's xxl potato chips or poppables potato snacks individual $3.49 selected varieties oasis classic hew orial oasis juice or smoothies selected varieties philadelphia cream cheese selected varieties real save $2 save $1 dempster's original hotdog & hamburger buns 8 pack dempsters white or whole wheat bread 675g pkg or hostess fun pack snack individual $299 cupcakes dempsters villaggio bread buns 6-8 pack individual $3.49 selected varieties jurassic world villaggio artesano doninion classico winkies hamburgen see the movie

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