Longo's Flyer - 06/02-06/15/2022 (Page 18)

bbq season shop all aisles ✓ corporation nando's peri-peri nando's nando's peri-peri hot sauce 250ml bottle selected varieties peri-peri sauce pante men 54⁹ save $1 backyard bbq kawartha fresh fruits & vegetables ✓ maille maille gherkins 375ml jar selected varieties 54⁹ save $1 kawartha chaus maille depuis 1747 l'original cornichons gherkins quas au crack and kawartha dairy icecream 1.5l tub coca-cola craft soda 4x355ml pkg selected varieties individual $6.49 selected varieties 5⁹⁹ save $1.50 lunchtime favourites made good chocolate drizzled lays lay's made made good soft baked mini cookies lay's mix melange lay's granola bars chocolate chip 3⁹⁹ made good granola bars crispy squares or organic cookies selected varieties 8⁹⁹ frito lay value pack lays mix 504g bag sele i varieties save up to $1 earn int coca-cola lays tabasco hot sauce 57ml bottle selected varieties save $1 royal oak star grill lump charcoal 4kg pkg 11⁹⁹ you earn dole diced peaches original flavor arima original filhenny tabasco royal oak star grill zab lump charcoal sauce dole fruit bowls 4x107ml pkg selected varieties 34⁹ save up to $1.50 fruit juice anorio ema in fruit juice dole mandarin pantry the are do great ginger beer spicy ginger piquant gingembre save $1 fala varietal ooooo the great gentleman ginger beer 6x250ml bottles selected varieties solo solo dairy & eggs sesame 3⁹⁹ save up to $1 solo cups wine glasses or paper plates selected varieties 4.⁹⁹ save up to $1.50 original longo's almond thins 113g pkg selected varieties

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