Longo's Flyer - 06/30-07/07/2021 (Page 18)

refreshing beverages bio-k+ bio-ki bio bio steel bio steel plus steel flow glaceau vitamin water 591ml bottle individual $1.99 selectod varieties glaceau smartwater il bottle smart bio k+ probiotic beverages or flow collagen water selected varieties save up to $1.50 bio steel sports drink 500ml bottle selected varieties for save $1.20 save up to 50€ backyard bbq the sourt the bass busws the sex the 808 maple maked nea bush's chimet brothe mature saltele original baked beans bayras kozlik's assiettes plates amazing male honey miel pro sweet baby ray's bbq sauce 425ml bottle individual $3.49 selected varieties kozlik's mustard or neal brothers mayo 250mljar selected varieties bush's best baked beans 398ml can individual $1.99 selected varieties for royal chinet 10.38" dinner plates save up to $1 for save up to $1.50 pet needs prem coobs sorte new look nouveau too vitalile fancy feast margar beef matioaf solo double duty premium cool dogicos the lean natural rewards chicken tenders club cookllouse chicken meatlcaf mard glumps fancy chicken multi-cat feast gefree don treats grilledgate hungry hunter cookhouse 69€ fancy feast cat food 85g tin selected varieties arm & hammer double duty or multi-cat kitty litter 6.4kg box selected varieties save up to $2.50 750g pkg vitalife chicken tenders 400g pkg save up to $2 selected varieties earn save up to 20¢

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