Lowes Flyer - 05/06-05/12/2021 (Page 4)

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gs happy mother's day save 53 special low price mixed patio hydrangea in 13 planter assorted annuals in 8" planter was 19.99 begonia hanging basket save s3 save $5 special special value was 24.99 2.gal patio collection planters was 26.99 garden treasures premium annuals in 139 planter save $3 special assorted premium annuals assorted geranium in 1-quart pot was 21.99 assorted orchids in 5 decorative pot everyday low price low price assorted herbs assorted gebera daisy in 1.okt pot assorted tomato plants in 4 pot in 4 pot harvestane purves theme hibiscus stawberry plant in 1-galpot clematis in 1-gal pot in 6 pot save $6 special save $3 save $1 special value special value was 25.99 was 4.99 cil biowy roof treatment biodegradable sale and easy to use was 17.99 "shake 'n feed premium composted manure of organic nutrients that help ensure plant growth composted hare fume composte spray and walk away shake nfeed cil save ss special save $1 special cib cil was 30.99 bio was 4.99 premium composted cattle manure 15-kg coa certified source of organic nutrients that help ensure plant growth "home defense max" liquid insecticide and other home invading pest one-touch continuous while quantities last composted cettlere for detail composte shake need sha nfeed spray wand home defense max not contro nhecima excel ortho chil save ss save ss save $25 special value special value special value was 32.99 was 39.99 was $139 sprayer while quarties last watering combo sprinkler and nozzle wheelbarrow soort scotts scores te being delivered med den per adulti puheid bly the prior the contacte adoram ched at the property code oferown discount stoga rrebes chen cabinetter promotor ter includes low employ at lowes concorde cont in parties and lp.grdots pour produsere.com moby deler harga service beses gers torpade pc certified by the compete agement med forth cb acco stepfovi e registered users page og -mbo mco moo meo mio his pefc

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