Lowes Flyer - 11/05-11/11/2020 (Page 4)

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venmar la vie a l'air pur brcan without captur system captur system introducing the captur system captur provides faster smoke & odour removal state-of-the-art fan design exclusive system brsan el 1 quick and simple • instalation is twice as easy range hood is it in place during station one-person installation ez i brackets fast and easy installation brean save $72 save $80 save $80 was $359 was $399 was $399 pyramidal-style chimney hood low profile chimney hood very quiet and great value save save was $194 was 69.99 bathroom fan diocfm at 1.0 sone "invent" bathroom fan energy star very quiet ez lock tabs secure fan directly to drywall eliminating need joisti truss mounting save save was $134 was $137 bathroom fan to cfm at 08 sone ez fit bathroom fan takboys installation reinvented einstallation easy roomside no attic access needed foldaway mounting ears precisely positioned the fan for new construction applications or retrofit projects fixate ez duct connector and put everything back into place by using a single screw boem ss304 bulanan pace dg-natona get air miles® reward miles $20 purchase = 1 mile details on pages 2ands

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