Lowes Flyer - 06/30-07/06/2022 (Page 9)

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save $3 from canada day+ savings 16⁹⁹ was 19.99 assorted spireas special value save $5 special from value was 14.99 assorted rose bushes save special $2 value ant trap outdoor use ant insecticide ready-to-use spray save $2 special was 13.99 save $80 special 389⁹⁹ value "patriot plus" mosquito trap "biolure" bait trap for japanese beetles beetle prese scarabées japonais tanknot included omri save special $4 value "critter ridder" animal repellent additional lengths also available save $20 special was 99.99 round balusters ant lades critter ridder ant envon max save $6 special was 18.99 orbit & patterns garden spray nozzle ant traps ortho safer critter ridder save $5 from was 22.99 assorted hydrangeas 30-pack everything you need to make your garden bloom in summer special value save $10 special 41⁹⁹ value was 51.99 solar pest repellers plastic and aluminum environmentally friendly and safe save special $2 value save 3.50 special 164⁹ value was 19.99 ant killer granules insecticide save $2 special was 9,99 insecticide ready to use liquid ortho save $7 special was 19.99 orbit metal adjustable spray nozzle solm here solar pestropeller stan pada solaire reser weed out wipe out ant bgmax energ wilson ant fourmis ranues ontho deset 999⁹⁹ "creative railing kit bottom rail and 15 x 32 black aluminum balusters from 22⁹⁹ brown treated wood stair steps 2" x 12" for 36" length save $3 from safer find everything you need to build your patio from* cedar deck boards additional lengths available 16⁹⁹ was 19.99 assorted potentillas special value was 34.99 grub killer granular save $10 special 24.⁹9 value save $30 special 159⁹⁹ value wall-mount insect trap attracts and captures to 2000 m² was 34.99 orbit 36-in long wand save $5 special 29⁹9 value 1.4-kg save $13 special 59⁹⁹ value was 72.99 insect trap save $5 special was 32.89 ortho ready-to- use aerosol insecticide ortho 2⁹9 treated wood balusters brown 2" x 2" x 36" roynatrap scorts grub bggn from brown treated wood stringer 2" x 12" grub koller destructeur de las other sizes available participating stores only ortho wrct control insecticion scotts

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