Metro HOLIDAYS 2021 Flyer - 11/18-12/15/2021 (Page 4)

savour the brands you can only find at metro organic organic le soleil organic wirtu sport organic me some organic miasto broth vegetable broth quebec-soup low calgrat tree muito biologique chicken manzanilla low galerii patter bones split pea oon extra virgin bu same lentil soup sliced tranchees life smart organics soup selected varieties life smart organics broth selected varieties irresistibles extra virgin olive oil or modena balsamic vinegar selected varieties selection olives selected varieties eco friendly merry flavours by our exclusive brands selection selection blonde lager compostable party pack taletus dails cabere ve spoons naprins howls frs plates 34 strans cups laser pieces selection non-alcoholic beer selected varieties selection eco party pack tableware compostable this holiday season try our sparkling holiday punch click here for full recipe made in canada selection club soda forma party old alanca ned forna part size old-fashionto tanchine cans nons spenser sea salt erpac selection gasket panercaya sea sel salt me vinegar selo danberry tonic water cranberry cocktai cans mer vinaigre spense pac for irresistibles cranberry juice selected varieties selection soft drinks selected varieties irresistibles party size chips selected varieties irresistibles sweet & salty gift basket scottish shortbread sables ecossais dairy farmers of canada guality milk salted caramel caramel salé gaufdes sales mek chocolate almonds-amandes chocolat au lait whipped cream whipped cream epaisseurs napkins serviettes de table lighte strawberry fraises vanilla belgian waffles gayfres belges amvanille crution starting at store made fresh fruit gift baskets selected varieties irresistibles belgian waffles selected varieties irresistibles whipped cream selected varieties irresistibles napkins

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