Metro Flyer - 05/19-06/15/2022 (Page 2)

savour the brands you can always find at metro exclusive brands exclusive flavour gluten free & made from our finest natural ingredients for a taste sensation that's perfect for summer bbqs add inspiration to every occasion sliced 3 cheese platter plateau 3 fromages en tranches lactose porttans lactos jantabile irresistibles naturalia wieners saucisses fumées irako bides prenormentele summit sansliter get fired up about grilling with our selection of irresistibles beef burgers every appetite & made with premium quality shop burgers are full of flavour & made for bbqing irresistibles naturalia wieners irresistibles sliced 3 cheese platter shrimp union nests mids oignons et crevettes garlic & herb shrimp crevettes ail et fines herbes பாகப்பன் pacific white shrimp evettes blanches du pacifique with cocktal sauce avec sauce cocktar corelandmeine peelgosakon wsler capacetes- dos reclableve il-petites irresistibles garlic & herb butterfly raw shrimp irresistibles shrimp & onion nests antipasto misto goat chene feta framago de chevre parmigiano reggiano ssc prosciutto 一對一 irresitibles pacific white shrimp ring irresistibles prosciutto or antipasto misto irresistibles parmigiano reggiano aged 24 months irresistibles goat feta cheese get grilling with exclusive brands selection las plant-based mio a base de plantes crispy chicken wings 1bx meat protein selection from fer quarter pound beef burgers meatless burger sans viande butcher shop wed вва product of usa irresistibles fresh atlantic salmon burgers life smart plant-based burgers selection chicken wings selection beef burgers 1.36 kg irresistibles mammoth bbo or montreal steak spice burgers frozen

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