Metro Flyer - 12/02-12/08/2021 (Page 2)

holiday flip your holiday dish to something prime raised without antibiotics son zabiha halal new dish learn more jumbo maple leaf prime raised without antibiotics or maple lodge zabiha halal fresh whole chicken arolled aqua sao shrimp spring rolls rouleaux de printemps ultimates aux crevettes janes pint breaded fillets janes ultimates breaded haddock white blanche foodland ontario widion ward pomme potatoesterre antipasto misto cer genoa génes boursin cream cheese or marc angelo sliced italian deli meat selected varieties green beans haricots verts canada boursin boursin boursin green beans 3409 product of usa mini cucumbers to yellow-fleshed or russet potatoes 50 wonderful wonderful pistachiost" marble chocolate con marbre au chocolat | pistachios" irresistibles coffee cake selected varetes product of usa selected varieties family size format familia family size format familial lays smily want classic truffles milk chocolate orange chkxcolatlait ketchup lays lay's family size chips selected ses selected arenes classic classique réglisses assorties liquorice asorts whole grain selection premium classic truffles milk chocolate orange liquorice allsorts or wine gums general mills cereal siggi's yogourt earth's own beverages selected varieties honey nut cheerios earth's down so fresh viru pral honey cheddar save $1.00 parmesan trio pld mond sweety siggis original save $1.50 rasa mer irresistibles shredded cheese exclusive my metro app price yuxna bunch french vanilla intermediate roses 20stex bunch assorted colors $1.99 lach get more deals on the my metro app save $2.00 app store google play irresistibles ice cream 1.5l selected vanetes theme tivi

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