Metro Flyer - 12/09-12/15/2021 (Page 2)

holiday fresh walk-in special only! flip your holiday dish to something new dish die learn more fresh 2 g0 16" x-large hot or chilled chicken tenders prs of 12 selected arenes jumbo pint atticum mainio without terror rased without prime jumbo pineapples prouct of osta rica prime chicken strips swe buffalo wings foodland maple leaf prime breaded chicken or wings carrots carottes el turney burgers bedes wild caught shrime rock harbour turela herb & garlic herbes et a la nene rock harbour raw butterfly shrimp or marina del rey wild argentinean raw shrimp jumbo u-10 colossal scallops seedless cucumbers large gala apples carrots or yellow onions 26 family size attitude baked in my metro ange clémentines family size clementines 15,20 product of morocco attitude baby spinach or spring mix 329 product of usa family size forrat famillal post front street bakery all butter croissants danone activia or oikos yogourt post quaker cereal or oatmeal selected sites selected varieties shreddies langun quaker ripples ondulees regular natre jalapeño qld ashionio ter sea pepper save $1.00 ick oats oikos pimen salt seloe jalapeno mer oikos black diamond selection or irresistibles chips black diamond black save $2.55 old - fort com mozza cheddar ce cookies blouuts irresistibles european assortment cookies wie quantities last european européens net lan colate shredded cheese 3215 selected varieties norarylan ford exclusive my metro app price larger sizes available poinsettia assorted coldurs save $6.99 get more deals on the my metro app for app store google play norwegian fjord smoked steelhead salmon theme imeve mtu

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