Metro Flyer - 05/26-06/01/2022 (Page 17)

$ new lower prices made in my metro extra olds balderson extra port fresh store made 6.9⁹⁹ meat kabobs or souvlaki skewers selected varieties asma kashi chocolate chip chia crunchy kellogg's kashi or special k bars dr 3.49 ea califia gluten free oat day beverage boisson d'avoine special protein califia farms beverage selected varieties 59⁹ califia nuort almond beverage boisson au amandes the good baker dele giuseppe prad plena n- pizzeria rising crust-leve-au-four save $2.00 4.⁹⁹ dare bear paws wagon wheels or irresistibles cookies wagonowheels or 2.99 ea bear paws chocolate chi no ritical colours or flavours nescafé or taster's choice instant coffee mich save $3.30 taster's choice nescafe rich rich real dairy reo gar nestlé real dairy ice cream frozen dessert or novelties pot cove new plant based white chocolate & macadamia nut 2₁ for 12⁰⁰ metro gardens organic herbs 3.9⁹⁹ we reserve the right to limit quantities descriptions take precedence over photos some products may not be available in all stores fairlife milk 151 selected varieties or 4,49 ea for 8⁰⁰ lakewood or black river juice selected varieties schneiders pepperettes buropean schneiders pepperettes or salami or balderson cheddar cheese fairlife fairlife tes partly skimmed milk chocolate partly skemmed milk liciose the black river pare ranberry juice purjus de canneberge canada dry save $4.99 buy two get one free see mini ginger ale aero oca tide simply laundry detergent downy or bounce fabric softener selected sizes selected varieties lakewood pomegranate grenade coca-cola cola cola organic coca-cola or canada dry soft drinks sub sourcel caramilk win gagner nestlé or cadbury chocolate bars selected sizes selected varieties downy mix &match tro de metro gardens annuals assorted colours bounce save $3.97 on 3 activia with probutes 3₁ activia active prob for 11⁰⁰ danone activia yogourt tubs 650 for tide allinone aletin pan sear haddock wild crucht 9.9⁹⁹ metro gardens very high kellogg's fibre two scoops raisin bran family size save $2.00 organic meadow yogourt ruffler regular nature signature high liner signature or pan-sear selects kellogg's 2₁ for 10⁰⁰ l'oréal live clean or st.ives skin care or hair care selected sizes selected varieties or 4.49 ea storating kellogg's family size cereal bear naked crunch cereal kellogg's bear naked organic meadow yogourt 750 selected varieties smartfood dratante doritos valo smart food value size l'oreal ben chokore color radiance live clean dawn dish detergent multi-purpose cleaners or febreze air freshener selected sizes selected varieties nkis 299 dawn air cisin 3.9⁹⁹9 silk oikos activia drinkables 8193 wild caught haddock activia immune system 11⁰⁰ 10" pot kimberly queen ferns 21⁹⁹9 give us your opinion for a chance to win $1,000 in groceries sugar wise eur paštas la rice krispies kashi golean- foo bed inks please socle where tactes exist

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