No Frills - New Year 2021 Flyer - 12/31-01/06/2021 (Page 4)

fresh is not a frill club size outside round roast rõtí rond extérieur chicken legs cuisses de poulet sweet italian italiennes douces madhur butterbau bacon style genre bacon pc world of flavours marinated roasts selected varieties geffiloché ou filet de porc marcangelo italian sausages selected varieties saucisses italiennes butterball turkey bacon or frankfurters bacon de dinde ou soucisses fumées seal quest ice salad shrimp crevettes pour salade cobblestone chicken wings ailes de poulet individual individuelles anerken soute barbecue cobblestone pork back ribs hand cut ribs or côtes de porc split glazed chicken wings ailes de poulet séparées seaquest cooked salad shrimp green lipped half shell mussels or bay scallops frozen crevettes ou moules ou pétoncles d'italiano original double cream creme brie swiss rolls stender rubschlager bavarian multigrais multigrain bavarois karla hostess she cae camle beam fresh boursin d'italiano twinkle pack original boursin cheese 150 g or camembert cream brie selected varieties fromage d'italiano buns 4-b's or bread selected varieties petits pains ou pain little debbie snack cakes hostess snack selected varieties petits goleaux ou desserts la baguetterie bread baguette baguette rubschlager selected varieties demi ciabatte ou petits pains ou boquette ou pain int breadsscks & cheese bâtonnets et fromage reese of henry juice apple juice pineapple mix mix cracken & che crocuelins et fromage somply suple change pcⓡ 100% juice selected varieties jus simply juice lemonade or fruit beverages jus d'orange ou limonade ou boissons aux fruits hershey's snack mix tube selected varieties tube de collations no name pretzels breadsticks or crackers & cheese bretzels ou bâtonnets ou craquelins et fromage nfo fresh

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