No Frills Flyer - 06/06-06/12/2019 (Page 2)

fresh is not foodland ontario asparagus product of ontario canada no.1 asperges red seedless grapes raisins foodland ontario english cucumber product of ontario canada no.1 grade concombres strawberries product of u.s.a fraises portobello foodland ontario white incs tomatoes on the vine product of ontario or forelle pears product of south africa extra fancy grade tomates ou poires pc whole white or product of ontario champignons farmer's market red potatoes product of canada canada nol grade pommes de terres rouges optimum family foodland ontario family no name naturally imperfect product of ontario pommes iceberg lettuce product of u.s.a laitue iceberg mann's snap peas 227 gor snow peas 170g product of u.s.a pois mange-tout ou sugar snap dozen roses with babies breath assorted colour dozen roses avec gypsophile organic organic organic pcⓡ organics romaine hearts product of u.s.a cours de laitue romaine pcⓡ organics blueberries product of u.s.a bleuets pcⓡ organics bananas product of ecuador bananes buon appetito fennel product of u.s.a fenoui campari tomatoes product of ontario tomates mld lian susare stess italienne dolce foodland case sale black figs product of mexico figues noires rea italian sausage selected varieties saucisse italienne

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