No Frills Flyer - 01/27-02/02/2022 (Page 11)

恭賀新禧 祝歲歲平安,年年有餘 happy lunar new year utility grade duck frozen canard jeune canad young duck beef rib finger meat boneless cryovac viande de boeuf intercostale désossée emballage sous vide anchors maand palomin golden pompano fish pompano anchor's bay whole pompano fish frozen pompano bluse food home tofu crevettes pelees cuites pehled and cooked shrin extra firm extra ferme pandesal foto list seahorse cooked shrimp crevettes t&t pandesal selected varieties house foods tofu selected varieties tofu pandesal anmanandpare gordic geogodborg fuji apples product of canada or china extra fancy grade red delicious apples product of ontario canada fancy grade asian brown or ya pears product of china extra fancy grade pommes ou poires buy more snow or product of china pois ou racine de gingembre rooster garlic product of china ail less thans pay79 ea dragon fruit product of ecuador piloya daikon or taiwanese cabbage product of china daikon ou chou baby napa baby or shanghai bok choy product of mexico gai lon or yu choy product of canada bok choy online et o2nfo available at select locations only

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