No Frills Flyer - 05/26-06/01/2022 (Page 4)

hot summer asparagus product of ontario asperges organic sale beefsteak tomatoes collards or kale tomates ou chou cavalier ou chou frisé weet corn mais sucre blackberries raspberries product of framboises ou mûres foodland onezero cauliflower farmer's market™ sweet corn chou-fleur ou mais sucré organic 3.9⁹9 pint strawberries or blueberries fraises ou bleuets farmer's market carrots or avocados product of mexico carottes ou avocats organic iceberg lettuce product of u.s.a laitue iceberg celery each céleri 3.99⁹ farmers mark marche oranges andy boy 24⁹ ataulfo or red mango product of mexico each mangue produced here pc organics whole cremini or white pc® boston living lettuce each product of canada or garden mushrooms product of canada champignons cremini ou blancs 2.9⁹9 product of u.s.a laitue ou salade de chou ou salade jardinière basse snack mix selected varieties mélange de collation pc optimum™ offer get that's like $4 in points cond mil lemons citrons foodland on falho hacke johnny farmer's market farmer's market grape tomatoes product of mexico farmer's market mini cucumbers sweet peppers farmer's market lemons product of south africa product of mexico farmer's market navel organges product of spain oranges navel idiction prem pc little gems™ yellow mini potatoes 680 g or sweet vidalia onions product of u.s.a hearts product of u.s.a mini-pommes de terre ou oignons sucrés ou coeurs de laitue romaine yellow peaches or nectarines pêches ou nectarines à chair jaune basse mountain peak du sommet golden dorees

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